About ReverseSpeech

Reverse Speech is David’s life passion. In fact he sees it as more than a passion but rather, a mission.

It first began for him on his 28th birthday in 1983 when he accidentally dropped a tape player in a toilet bowl and as a result it only played backwards. He started listening to tapes backwards and by 1987 he had written his first book on reverse speech, co authored with his mate, Greg Albrecht.

Since that time David has written 4 more books on Reverse Speech and designed and authored the 3 Reverse Speech training courses. He has lectured around the world to crowds of 1000’s and has conducted 1000’s of media interviews, including CNN’s the Larry King show.

David now lives in Australia conducting his very busy therapeutic practice over the phone and makes regular trips to the United States and England promoting Reverse Speech and servicing his rapidly growing base of clients and students.